Keep Your Sneakers Looking Sharp

You may find yourself on our website from searching for sneaker shirts or hoodies to go with your kicks. Dopestar Clothing® loves creating custom designs that tie a street style together.

Sneaker Shirts Outlet wants to give you tips on keeping your shoes clean. 

  1. Shoe Crease Protectors:

Insert anti-wrinkle shoe shields into the front of your sneakers. Toe inserts extend the life of your kicks and help them keep their shape. Shoe crease protectors can be cut to fit men’s and women’s sneakers. Another bonus is that the inserts feel comfortable when wearing your shoes.

  1. Stackable Hard Plastic Shoe Boxes:

Store, protect, and display your sacred sneakers in clear boxes that stack. You don’t have to move stackable shoeboxes around to get your sneakers. Be sure to get a design that opens at the front, not the top. The shoe box has a door-like feature that drops down to take your sneakers out. You also get to see all your sneakers making it easy to match your shirts or hoodies.

  1. Water and Stain Repellant:

An online search will lead you to top-rate water and stain repellants. Make sure you can use the products on your specific sneakers. Applying a repellant protects your shoes from environmental elements. Preserving your sneakers before you wear them outside saves time upkeeping them. Clean any dirt as soon as possible so stains don’t set into the design.

  1. Eliminate Funky Odors:

Many customers do an amazing job of protecting the exterior of their sneakers. However, the interior may take on unwanted and unpleasant moisture. If your shoes start taking on a funky odor, Febreze for Runners can knock out pungent smells. You can also get sneaker odor balls to bounce out foul smells. These spheres fit inside all types and sizes of shoes. If the insides of your sneakers still smell ripe, you can hand clean the insoles or replace them.

  1. Cleaning Your Sneakers:

Handle all your kicks with care and carefully clean them by handwashing. Throwing sneakers in the washer and dryer will warp, fade, or damage them. You can buy a special cleaning solution or make a DIY mixture. Take a small amount of mild laundry detergent, like Tide, and mix it with warm water. Never use bleach on your sneakers because they will kick the bucket. Always air-dry your shoes inside at room temperature, so they don’t fade from the sun. 

  1. Long-Lasting Laces:

To keep your sneaker laces full of life, you can hand wash them. Massage them with a cleaning solution. Dry with a soft, gentle cloth, and let the sneaker laces air dry. You can also buy replacements to get brand-new ones online or from a shoe store.

  1. Cleaning Supplies for Sneakers:

Sneakers Shirts Outlet recommends having a soft-bristled shoe brush on hand. This will keep your kicks looking sharp. You can also use an old toothbrush to remove dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes. When removing dirt from sneakers, be careful. Do not wet the brush because that will make a bigger mess. Manually wash your sneakers, dampening the shoe brush with the cleaning solution. You can also blot the shoes to lift dirt with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process as needed, then let the sneakers air dry at room temperature.

  1. Removing Scuffs from Shoes:

Sneaker scuffs happen and hurt at first, but you can work them out. A tried and true practice involves mixing baking soda and warm water. This creates a paste to polish out scuffs on sneakers. Have two cloths, one for the mixture and a damp one to remove the solution. Consult your sneaker’s brand website to see if they offer a custom solution. You can also find tutorials on YouTube to work out any sneaker scuff marks.

Sneaker Shirts Outlet looks at footwear and clothing as an investment. We have apparel to pair perfectly with your kicks. We hope these tips help you get the most out of your sneakers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our shirts and hoodies. We love hearing from our customers! 

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